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Inciting Democracy

A Practical Proposal for Creating a Good Society

How we can develop and sustain
a powerful, grassroots social change movement

by Randy Schutt

Inciting Democracy offers a vision of what a good society might look like and explores how we can overcome five key obstacles to creating such a society. It offers a practical way to develop a large, decentralized education and support program (the Vernal Education Project) that would bolster grassroots movements so that people of goodwill can democratically and nonviolently transform society.

Special Contents: 71 figures, 44 sidebars, 270 quotations, 166 detailed endnotes, 233 annotated references, a bibliography of 110 other cited works, and a complete index

Author: Randy Schutt

LCCN: 2001116963

Publishers CIP: HN65.S38 2001

ISBN: 0-9703841-1-4

Pages: 320, 8.5” x 11”, paperback

Price: $23.95

Publication date: September 10, 2001

Distributors: Baker & Taylor, Quality Books, Inc.

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