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Preparation for Nonviolent Action

“Sample Agenda for a Preparation for Nonviolent Direct Action Workshop”

6 pages. This paper presents detailed agendas for a 10-hour workshop to prepare people for nonviolent direct action. It includes presentations (based on the notes listed below) and participatory exercises. It also lists alternative agendas for shorter workshops.

“Notes on Nonviolent Action”

14 pages. These notes outline many of the most important ideas about nonviolent action for change. Topics include: What is Violence and Nonviolence; Some Nonviolent Methods of Social Change; Underlying Rationales of Some Types of Nonviolent Change; Goals of Fundamental Change; Aspects; Assumptions; Mechanisms; Reasons for Nonviolent Struggle; Preparing for Nonviolent Struggle; Responding to Threats; The Role of Anger; Nonviolent Struggle Compared with War; A Nonviolence Agreement; History; and a Bibliography.

“Underlying Rationales of Some Types of Nonviolent Social Change”

2 pages. These two pages from the Notes on Nonviolent Action paper (above) make a particularly useful handout for some groups.

“Notes on Affinity Groups and Support”

2 pages. These notes discuss the purpose of affinity groups in nonviolent action and progressive change.

“Affinity Group Support Form”

1 page. This is a form for collecting information useful to people supporting nonviolent action.

“Notes on Legal Issues and Jail Connected with Nonviolent Action”

2 pages. These notes outline the details of arrest and being in jail for social change activity, particularly in a large group action.

“Legal Process Flowchart”

2 pages. This is a step-by-step flowchart of the arrest/jail procedure and explanation of terms from the International Day of Nuclear Disarmament Handbook, 1983.

“Monitor Prep Agenda”

1 page. This paper presents a detailed agenda for a 3-hour workshop to prepare people as monitors for nonviolent demonstrations.

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