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Understanding Nonviolent Social Change

“Why Nonviolence? Introduction to Nonviolence Theory and Strategy”

10 pages. This classic paper explains the basics of nonviolent action, provides historical examples, and discusses the theory of why nonviolent action is effective.

“Notes on the Effectiveness of Nonviolent Action”

2 pages. These notes present the case that nonviolent action is both more ethical and more effective than war and revolution, then briefly describes how nonviolent action works.

“Nonviolent Action — A More Ethical and Effective Alternative to War”

An article from The PeaceWorker (Oregon PeaceWorks, December 2007/January 2008) describing how effective nonviolent action has been in overthrowing repressive regimes.

“Nonviolent Alternatives to War”

Introduction to nonviolent alternatives to war and links to six organizations that are developing and practicing these alternatives.

“Perspectives on War: War, Pacifism, Just War Doctrine, and More”

Notes on six perspectives on war: political realism, religious crusade, just war doctrine, advocacy of nonviolent action, right living pacifists, and nonviolent resistance pacifists.

“Just War Doctrine — Criteria”

The criteria typically used to determine whether a war is justified.

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Key Papers on Other Websites

“198 Methods of Nonviolent Action”

2 pages. First published in The Politics of Nonviolent Action, Vol. 2: The Methods of Nonviolent Action, 1973. The book outlines each method and gives information about its historical use.

“The More Violence, the Less Revolution”

What’s the track record of movements that depend on violence to overthrow their regimes?

Global Nonviolent Action Database

600 examples of nonviolent action.

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